Pieces in the Harvard Art Museum's collection from 1800 to today.

The Harvard Art Museum, with its vast collection of works, serves as an ideal teaching tool for students, however, its very strength in size presents a daunting task when it comes to visualizing its capabilities.

Ever wondered what regions are the root to saturations of art? Curious about how to anchor pieces by time and compare them with one another? Have you ever thought about finding works by their predominant color?

Scratch your head no more! Our website presents users with three visual tools to peruse the Harvard Art Museum's collection in an interactive, colorful, and digestible way!

Explore Art by Region

Zoom into the map to explore art by location. Click on a cluster to see all of the art pieces in the collection created in that place. Click the dots to view art and add it to your gallery.

Explore Art by Century

Brush the top timeline to explore a time period of interest. Use the drop down boxes to filter by medium. Click the dots to view art and add it to your gallery.
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Explore Art by Color

Move through the color spectrum to view art pieces by predominant color value. Click on a bar to view art and add it to your gallery.






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Maia jointly studies the history of art and architecture
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